PTFE coated Glass Fabrics YS9015AJ

PTFE coated Glass Fabrics YS9015AJ

PTFE coated glass fabrics are high quality glass fabrics with specially formulated PTFE content and are known for their wear resistance and high tensile strength.


PTFE coated Glass Fabrics YS9015AJ

  • PTFE-coated glass fabrics are high-quality and feature specially formulated PTFE content for enhanced abrasion resistance and high tensile strength.
  • They find use as laminate-release sheets during curing and laminating processes, food belting, electrical insulation, and industrial processing.
  • Combining the mechanical properties of woven fiberglass fabric with the non-stick characteristics of Teflon (PTFE), PTFE-coated glass fabrics boast the strength of woven glass fiber fabric and the non-stick properties of PTFE coating.
  • YS9015AJ, part of our Premium Series, is a 0.15mm Teflon-coated fabric composed of 2116 E-glass and high-quality PTFE. It is also used in the production of YS7015AJ PTFE-coated adhesive tapes.

Properties of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics

High chemical resistant
UV resistant
High dielectric strength
Anti-aging and anti-environment
Continuous working from -70°C to +260°C
Strong tensile strength and dimensional stability
Easy to release, super Non stick,Low friction and very smooth
Non-toxic and compliant for food applications, FDA & LFGB certificated

Applications of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics​

★ For molding: mold-releasing sheets.
★ For printing: drying screen-printing machines.
★ For apparels: adhesive interlining belts.
★ For food processing: heat sealers, frozen food transportation, defrosting belt and baking belt.
★ For packing: shrink film packaging and side band sealing.
★ For office equipment: paper conveyor belt of copiers.

0.15mm Teflon glass fabric can be made into Anti-static fabric with or without adhesive.
And YS9015AJ is also be used for making 2 or more layers PTFE laminating belts.

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