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Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co., Ltd

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ESONE has been a leading company in the industry of PTFE & Silicone coated/laminated fabric in 1990, with one R&D center in Shanghai and two professional factories in Taixing, Jiangsu.
ESONE works closely with customers to develop the longest-lasting, most consistent solutions for a broad range of unique applications. Our team of R&D, technical, engineering and sales support staff are committed to offer high performance and competitive price through technical innovation and engineering experience.


Why don’t these come with induction hobs?? A must to protect the hob surface and prevent the pans sliding around. Super grip and easy to clean. Recommended!!


IT Specialist

I use one to protect Induction Cooktop and the second one as a microwave mat. This accessory can lengthen the Induction Cooktop’s lifespan and keep it away from unwanted scratches and stains.



This mat is fabulous. It keeps my induction stove top clean no matter how much mess I make cooking. No dried splatters to try and scrape off the stove top. I just spray with a little windex and wipe with a microfiber cloth for clean up.

Melissa A Biallas


We cook with a lot of cast iron pans which are really bad about scratching our cooktop. these mats have held up really well and look really good. For most daily cooking they are great!!

Jerry Cessna

Film Maker

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