PTFE Fabric Porous Series


PTFE fabric porous series combines fiberglass with lower level of PTFE coating, which is designed to allow for the escape of volatile gas and air circulation.

Porous PTFE fabric is used in applications which need airflow pass throw the fabric under pressure, normal applications including casting sheets for uncured elastomers, vacuum bag bleeder cloth for composite molding in the manufacturing of composite aircraft components, release sheet in the heat sealing machines, grinding wheels and so on.

Specifications of PTFE Fabric Porous Series

ProductProduct CategoryCoating
 PTFE Fabric Porous Serie
StyleStandard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
Normal Thickness
PTFE Content
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
YS9003P-ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.025405060/52
YS9006P-ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.066628160/146
YS9010P-ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.1014024240/200
YS9020P-1 -ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.2026023500/480
YS9020P-2 -ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.2035043460/430
YS9020P-3 -ESONE1000, 1500, 26000.2032037.5460/430
YS9023P-ESONE1000, 1500, 26000.2327826460/430
YS9025P-ESONE1000, 1500, 26000.2537032520/492
YS9040P-ESONE1000, 1250, 15000.4065035750/580

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