ESONE PVDF films for lab & workshop in chemical industry

An excellent solution provided by ESONE by the way of covering floor & ceiling & wall with fluorine alloy film (PVDF Films), generating a chemical resistant, corrosion resistant and permanently new working space.

ESONE PVDF films for lab & workshop in chemical industry

It is always a challenge for factories, workshops and labs easily exposed to chemicals to prevent the working space discolored, contaminated, corroded by chemicals.

An excellent solution provided by ESONE by the way of covering floor & ceiling & wall with fluorine alloy film (PVDF Films), generating a chemical resistant, corrosion resistant and permanently new working space.

These chemical resistant and decorative film can easily offer surface protection and self-cleaning performance. Meanwhile, the pattern, design or color can be customized.

Properties of ESONE PVDF films

  • Easy to clean: Can resist to greasy dirt,  oiliness material and other stubborn dirt, even if the dirt has been there for a long time, it is still easy to clean by water or ethyl alcohol.
  • Resist to chemical: Can resist to almost all kinds of chemicals, due to the excellent chemical inertness.
  • Anti-Slip: The laminated film can be embossed for increasing the force of friction.
  • Environmental protection: The smell can never pass through the film, so no matter what kind of substrate under the film, there will be no smell in the working space.
  • Permanent new: The superior anti-aging and environmental resistant property will keep the color permanent same & new.
  • Fireproofing: Fire resistant, the standard is UL V-0 rating and A0-Class.

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