PTFE Heavy Belt

PTFE Heavy Belt, great release and long lifetime for flooring, textile, wood industry.

  • PTFE Heavy Belt, with special formulated PTFE(Teflon) coating and fine weaved fiberglass fabric, is used as release liners or belts for various flooring applications.
  • Since PTFE heavy belting can withstand high temperatures, and is non stick, chemical resistant and has strong tensile strength, so PTFE coated conveyor belt or release sheet is used for rubber curing in ovens, walk off mats producing, Luxury vinyl tile manufacturing, PVC backed carpets and so on.
PTFE Heavy Belt

Why use PTFE Heavy Belt?

  • In order to work as a release liner or conveyor belt, this belt are cured in ovens, so this material must be able to resistant high temperatures and easy to release flooring.
  • ESONE PTFE coated fabrics are the Non stick solution for various flooring manufacturing, because it will offer the best release surface and longer lifetime than any similar product on the markets, and is critical to the performance of the producing process and the quality of the carpet or flooring.

Properties of PTFE Heavy Belt

Continuous working from -70°C to +260°C
Environment Resistant
High chemical resistant
Custom textured surface
Non stick and easy release surface
High tensile and low elongation
Ridging, puckering and creasing resistance

Applications of PTFE Heavy Belt

Walk off mats manufacturing

ESONE PTFE Heavy Belt is critical in this application, which need to resist high curing temperatures of nitrile rubber, has non stick surface to release the cured rubber, and high tensile to bear the press in the bonding process of the carpet.

Crumb rubber mats manufacturing

Recycled crumb rubber mixed with TPU will be molded, pressed and cured onto the PTFE conveyor belts.

Working in High temperature and High pressure tough environments, PTFE coated fiberglass belt must has strong mechanical property and excellent PTFE coating.

Padded and cushion backed flooring

With PVC or PU backed, padded and cushion backed flooring is used in artificial  turf, conventional carpet, therapeutic pads and so on.

ESONE PTFE Heavy Belt must be able to withstand heat during the curing process, and resistant chemical foaming agents in PVC and PU.

Carpet heat-setting

ESONE PTFE heavy duty belt must work continuously in high temperature, moist environment which full of chemicals.

Luxury vinyl tile manufacturing

  • The processing of Luxury vinyl tile can be small heat press machine operated by workers, or large integrated equipment which offer high temperature and high pressure lamination.
  • A upper belt and a lower belt will be needed for the lamination.
  • Not only requiring the easy release, heat resistant, chemical resistant, high tensile property, some equipment with very long width will need the belt to porous, which can allow outgassing during the curing and vulcanization.

Specifications of PTFE Heavy Belt


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


 PTFE Fabric Heavy Belting Series
StyleStandard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
Normal Thickness
PTFE Content
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
YS9035AJ-ESONE1000, 1500, 26000.3568064540/508
YS9040AJ-ESONE2600, 28000.4078057540/508
YS9045AJ1000, 1500, 26000.4590055540/508
YS9076A-12350, 25500.76101543800/780
YS9090A-ESONE1500, 1600, 22500.901600471300/1200
YS9095A1500, 26000.951385361200/1100
YS9100A-ESONE1500, 1700, 1900, 22501.001800451360/1260

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